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What should we do if have blackheads?

We often have blackheads on our noses. In our daily life, as long as we pay more attention to them, blackheads can be prevented and avoided. So how to effectively prevent blackheads?

How to prevent blackheads

1. Ensure adequate sleep. Sleep can help the facial muscles relax. Sufficient sleep at night can promote the self-repair of the skin. Sufficient sleep is not only good for health but also free skincare.

2. Replenish moisture at any time. It is recommended to take in 2000 ml of water a day to replenish the body’s moisture to avoid skin lines due to dryness.

4. Clean the skin regularly. Clean the skin regularly with your fingertips every day, taking care not to pull the facial skin too hard. Moreover, in order to clean the skin more thoroughly, you can try to use a sonic facial brush. The facial cleansing brush is a very easy-to-use beauty tool for deep cleansing.

How to scientifically remove blackheads

Blackhead removal is a long-term project. The overall idea can be summarized as follows: First, do basic skincare, including sunscreen, cleansing, and moisturizing. 2. Properly control oil and inhibit oil secretion. 3. Unclog the pores to prevent oil from clogging the pores and generating blackheads due to oxidation.

Do daily cleaning

Cleansing is an essential part of skincare. The most basic cleaning should be done every day. In the case of daily makeup and high-power sunscreen, it is necessary to remove makeup thoroughly. In addition, you can also use the cleansing mask regularly to give your face a SPA. But the cleansing must be done well. If you wash your face frequently with a sonic cleansing brush, it will easily destroy the skin barrier and damage the skin.

Use topical retinoids

Use topical retinoids has become more and more popular in the past two years, which can unclog the pores and peel off the cuticle. Its working principle is to penetrate into the pores to dissolve oil and old cutin, thereby inhibiting the production of blackheads. The pores are cleaned, the visual presentation is not so strong, then the skin becomes smoother.

Blackhead remover

The blackhead remover tool is a beauty instrument that uses vacuum suction to generate negative pressure, so that the blackheads are squeezed by the surrounding tissues and float out of the skin. Blackheads or whiteheads that are softened by soaking and close to the skin surface can be sucked out with a blackhead scraper. And with the development of technology, the functions of the blackhead remover gel are becoming more and more powerful and the effect is getting better and better.  It also has a certain effect on stubborn blackheads. Therefore, choosing a good blackhead and whitehead remover is also a treatment method.

When there are many blackheads on the skin that affect the image, you can refer to the above methods to deal with it. We are a professional manufacturer of blackhead remover, hair curler, and cleansing brushes which have been in this industry for more than 10 years. We will use professional knowledge to provide services, welcome to contact us.

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