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What should we do if the curling iron burns face?

Nowadays, curling irons are an indispensable hairdressing tool for girls. Many girls use hair curlers to curl their hair at home, which may cause accidental burns to their faces. So what should we do if the electric hair curler burns face?

Will curling irons leave scars when we burn face?

Whether the curling iron wand will leave scars on the face depends on the severity of the burn. If it is damaged to the real skin layer, it may leave scars. After all, the wound is very deep, even if it heals, it will take a certain time. But it will not leave scars when it only reaches the surface of the skin.

What should we do if the curling iron burns face?

Cool down the face

If you accidentally burn your face while using a perm curler, you should first cool the burned face. You can use a wet towel to put it on the face for a short period of time, and then use the scald cream to wipe gently, if it is a slight burn, it will not leave a scar.

Apply aloe vera gel

After being burned to your face by the wave curler, if you have aloe vera or aloe vera gel in your home, you can apply an appropriate amount of aloe vera gel to the area. Because aloe vera gel has the effect of repairing burns, it can help the wound to sterilize and reduce inflammation, speed up the wound healing time, and has the effect of removing scars.

Use light salt water

You can also use a clean container to pour an appropriate amount of water, then add salt, mix well, and gently wipe the wound which waving iron burns. This can effectively reduce inflammation and disinfection, so as to prevent bacterial infection in the area after the scald.

What to do if the curling iron burns to scars on the face

Use ginger tablets to remove scars

If you use a hair waver iron to burn your face and scars, you can use ginger slices or olive oil. After washing your face, apply it to the scar area and massage it gently everyday. Persistent use can promote skin regeneration and achieve the effect of removing scars.

Use vitamin C to remove scars

Vitamin C has a very good skin whitening effect. You can take vitamin C capsules daily and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Or use vitamin C to apply to the scar area and gently massage it. The method of internal adjustment and external application can whiten and remove the scar.

Precautions for burning face with curling iron

1. When you accidentally burn your face with a heatless curler, be careful not to touch the wound with your hands. You can apply a moist burn plaster. However, if the infection continues, you need to seek professional medical treatment and use anti-inflammatory drugs.

2. You should pay attention to your daily diet. It is better not to eat spicy foods to avoid irritating wounds, which can easily increase the chance of scarring. Besides, You should eat a light diet and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

3.  In addition, the face after burns should not be stained with water to avoid inflammation of the wound.

When using automatic hair curler, we should be as careful as possible to avoid injury. If you accidentally burn yourself, I hope the above methods can help you.

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