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What Types of Hair Dryers Should You Choose?

Hair dryer is one of the indispensable household appliances in our lives. The hair dryer has a history of more than 100 years. Nowadays, professional hair dryers contain more and more advanced technology. People are no longer satisfied with the single effect of hair dryers to dry their hair. They hope to use smarter drying functions to bring health to their hair. In this article i will classify hair dryers from several aspects such as use, design, and technology.

The hair dryer is a combination of a set of electric heating wires and a small high-speed fan. When energized, the heating wire generates heat, and the wind blown by the fan passes through the heating wire to become hot air. If only a small fan rotates and the heating wire is not hot, then it is not hot air that blows out.

Generally speaking, according to the way of use, hair dryers include hand-held hair dryers and stand-alone hair dryers. The pedestal hair dryer can be used on the table or hung on the wall. The latter is also called wall mounted hair dryer.

According to the air supply method, there are centrifugal blowers and axial blowers. The centrifugal type relies on the electric motor to drive the blades to rotate, so that the air entering the hair dryer obtains inertial centrifugal force and continuously exhausts the air to the outside. Its disadvantage is that all the exhausted wind does not flow through the motor, and the temperature of the motor is higher. The advantage is lower noise. The axial flow motor drives the fan blades to rotate, pushing the air entering the blower to flow axially, and continuously exhausting the air. Its advantage is that all the exhausted wind flows through the motor, the motor cooling condition is good, and the insulation is not easy to age. Its disadvantage is that it is noisy.

According to the material used in the shell, there are metal-type hair dryers and plastic-type hair dryers.

Salon Use & Home Use

Under normal circumstances, professional hooded hair dryers are mostly used in beauty salons. It can provide customers with precise drying time and temperature, but it is not suitable for rapid drying. The disadvantage of this type of hair dryer is that it is bulky and takes up space. In order to facilitate the carrying of a hooded hair dryer, the manufacturer usually equips it with a stand and wheels.

Hand-held blow dryer is the most commonly used style, it is light and easy to carry. Usually, the buttons on the handle change the airflow speed and temperature.

If you are going to travel, then travel hair dryer is the most suitable one. It has a foldable handle and dual voltage function without using a voltage converter, which makes it convenient for you to use it even in other countries/regions.

Motor Type of Hair Dryer

There are two types of blower motors, namely AC motor blowers and DC motor blowers. The advantages of AC motors are strong airflow, low noise and long life. The disadvantages are obvious, such as bulky and expensive. The advantages and disadvantages of DC motors are opposite to those of AC motors. Because of its remarkable advantages, most hair dryer machines are equipped with AC motors.

Technology of Hair Dryer

In terms of technology, hair dryers are mainly divided into four types, mainly ion hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers, tourmaline hair dryers and titanium hair dryers.

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