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What’s lint remover? How to use it?

Everyone loves the look and feel of a new sweater. Whether it’s a modern argyle or a classy Cardigan, a good sweater keeps you warm in style. But sweaters have a tendency to “pill” or get fuzzy over time. Strands and pills of fabric stick out from the surface, ruining the fabric’s texture. This issue isn’t just limited to sweaters, either; they’re simply the worst offenders. Give any fabric long enough, and it will eventually develop pills. This can make your favorite clothes look old and shabby. It can even affect upholstery, which can be disappointing when it happens to your favorite sofa.

What is an electric fabric shaver or lint remover?

Thankfully, there’s a technological solution to most problems. electric fabric shaver is a perfect machine to take the pills off. A fabric shaver is exactly what it sounds like — a specially-designed lint remover that literally shaves off the lint. This way, even your favorite (old) shirt will look as good as new. According to Wikipedia, a fabric shaver (or lint remover or fuzz shaver) is an electric handheld device which features powerful rotating blades underneath a metal net. It helps remove pills and fuzz on a fabric with ease and without damaging the cloth.

How to use it?

1. Turn On the Lint Remover Machine

Lint remover machines can be either battery-operated or corded electric. No matter what it is, you will see a power on or off button on the side. Say, for instance, this lint remover machine from Pritech has its power button on the side. All you have to do is turn it on.

2. Place Your Garment On a Flat Surface

To make sure that your electric fabric shaver works smoothly on the fabric, make sure to first keep the garment on a flat surface. It could be your table or floor.

3. Start Rotating the Machine On the Fabric In Circular Motions

Once you turn on the lint remover, you will see that the blades in it start rotating at a high speed. Now, just hold the pilling remover, ensuring that the blade side is on the fabric.

Start using it on the fabric (that’s covered with lint) in circulation motions. Keep doing it until you want to get rid of all the fuzz from your clothes. A good fabric shaver should have a bigger blade surface to make sure that a larger portion of the fabric is covered and thus, the need for rotation or strokes on the fabric is much less.

Keep circling the device on the fabric unless the pill has been removed. This should only take a few minutes.

4. Increase or Decrease the Speed Whenever Required

If the lint on the fabric is high and your fabric shaver has options to increase or decrease its speed, then you can adjust this. But make sure to increase the speed gradually rather than pressing the highest mode in one go.

5. Empty The Pill Container and Clean It


1. Make sure your shaver is clean and empty before use. If the lint catcher is full, it’s not going to suck up any lint that gets shaved off.

2. Once you’re sure the shave is safe, set your garment on a flat, firm surface.

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