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Which is better, hair removal cream or body shaver?

Hair removal has always been a job that many girls have been doing, because even women will grow body hair on their skin, which makes it unacceptable for them. So in the commonly used methods of hair removal, which one is better, a hair removal cream or a body shaver? Let’s take a look at their advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages and disadvantages of body shaver

A hair trimmer is the cheapest and simplest tool for hair removal. It can be divided into manual shaving and electric shaving, but the working principle is the same. The hair exposed on the skin is shaved by physical means. This is suitable for people with sensitive skin and who are afraid of pain. Be careful when using an electric epilator to avoid scratching the skin. You can use a lubricant before hair removal to protect the skin.

The advantages of the shaving clippers are lower cost, simple and convenient operation, and easy to learn. And it doesn’t have a strange smell, there is basically no pain if you don’t scratch the skin. The disadvantage is that the shaved hair is only the surface layer. The roots of the hairs are still on the skin, and the newly grown hairs will prick the skin a bit stinging. Morever, the holding time is short. It will leave stubble for people with thicker hair. People who are not familiar with the operation may scratch themselves easily. You should pay attention to hygiene when using a rechargeable electric shaver, otherwise it will easily lead to folliculitis.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair removal cream

Hair removal cream is a chemical preparation. Its principle is to use chemical ingredients to dissolve hair. After dissolving for a period of time, wipe off the cream against the direction of hair growth to complete the hair removal. Hair removal cream is suitable for people who are afraid of pain but are not prone to skin allergies. And you need to do a skin test before using it, only you can use it without any allergic reaction.

Its advantage is that hair removal is simple and convenient. Under normal circumstances, there is no pain on the skin, and it lasts longer after hair removal than with a hair clipper. However, the disadvantage is that it is not very clean, the chemical composition has a certain irritation to the skin, and frequent use can cause allergies such as redness, itching, etc. And for thicker and darker hairs, it is difficult to soften and dissolve hair removal cream in a short time, resulting in incomplete hair removal. In addition, because it contains chemical ingredients, it cannot stay on the skin for a long time, otherwise it will be very harmful to the skin.

Based on the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the above two products, you can choose a suitable hair removal product according to your own acceptable range. We are a supplier of all kinds of lady’s epilatorhair curlerfacial cleansing brushes and facial steamers, etc. The products are well received at China and abroad. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

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