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Will the cleansing brush cause damage to the skin?

Facial cleansing brushehave been popular abroad for many years. In recent years, it has also become very hot in China market. So long-term use of cleansing device will cause damage to the skin?

What is the cleaning principle of the facial cleansing brush?

The brush head of the facial cleansing brush is in contact with the skin surface more fully, and the frequency of friction is higher. The cleansing effect of oil, dirt, blackheads, and aging keratin on the skin surface is indeed much cleaner than with hands. After cleaning with a facial cleansing brush, the skin becomes more transparent, soft and smooth. For the skin with strong oil secretion and thick stratum corneum, the effect is more obvious.

Will the facial cleansing brush cause damage to the skin?

The current cleansing products, especially our brand products, are very well controlled in terms of materials and vibration frequency, and the damage to the skin has been reduced to a very low level. There are also research institutions abroad that prove the mildness of the cleansing instrument.

Starting from the cleansing principle of the facial brush, we can go deeper into the essence and get the correct conclusion. So far, putting aside the concept of false propaganda, all face cleanser machines use the brush head to physically rub the facial skin to achieve the purpose of cleansing and exfoliating. In the process of contact and friction with the skin, it will cause some damage to the skin tissue. It’s just that some skin is more tolerant, and this kind of damage is relatively small, and in most cases you can’t feel it.

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However, if the skin is fragile, sensitive, and poorly tolerated, such physical friction may cause skin allergies, redness, itching, and irritation, and cause damage to the skin. Therefore, this type of skin is not suitable for the use of face wash brush. In addition, if the face wash machine is used too frequently, the exfoliated keratinocytes will not be renewed in time. Then the keratinocytes are exfoliated excessively and the skin barrier capacity is reduced, which will cause a series of skin problems.

The facial cleansing device does have a certain deep cleansing ability. If it is normal skin or tolerant skin, you can use the skin cleansing brush. But to control the frequency of cleansing, you should not use it frequently. If you have sensitive, fragile skin, or thin stratum corneum, it is not recommended to use a facial cleansing brush.

In summary, although the facial cleansing brush has many benefits, you should pay attention to the frequency of use and the condition of your skin during facial care. A good cleansing brush will help you achieve better skin results. We specialize in providing a variety of cleansing brush products, and pass various tests to ensure the safety of the products. If you have demands, please feel free to contact us.

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