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How to Use Each Type of Curling Tongs?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-30      Origin: Site

How can you intuitively feel a new look? There is no doubt that creating full, shiny, curly hair is the easiest way. If you are not born with naturally curly hair, then might as well try using a curling iron or automatic curling tongs? This article has compiled a tutorial on how to use hair curling irons and hair curler wands (including automatic curling irons) to curl your hair.


The right tools and styling products (mousse, heat protectant and hair spray) will help you get good curling results. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to use curling tongs, curling wands, and automatic curling tongs.


1. Choose your tool

There are various curling tools. Please consider the following factors when choosing them.


For beginners, please consider your personal preference and prefer to use curling tongs with clips or wands. The clip of the former can hold the hair in place when curling. Such products mainly include silk ribbon curler, curlers for long hair and wavy hair curler. The wand curling iron does not have a clip. It mainly wraps the hair around the hair barrel and fixes it in place when the curls are formed.


Furthermore, you can consider the degree of curling you want. If you want to create tightly wound coils, you need to choose a barrel size of ¾ inches or less. If a larger stretch of beach waves hinder you even more, pick up a bucket or curling tongs one inch or more.


As far as the types of curling tools are concerned, ceramic and tourmaline tools can help minimize frizz. In fact, self curling iron may be just the tool you need.


First use a comb to straighten the hair, and take a small bunch of hair and place it on the 3 barrel curling iron, then move the curling iron to the middle of the hair, and then rotate it to the end of the hair. After curling the first strand of hair, perform curling irons on the other hairs in the same way. Finally, comb all the hair with a comb and style the hair with the help of styling products.


2. Start your look with freshly washed hair

To make the most of a perfectly curly look, you might as well start with clean hair. Shampoo uses specially formulated shampoo and conditioner to control hair frizz.


3. Blow dry your hair

After about half of the hair is blow-dried with a steam hair dryer, blow-dry the hair with a wild boar bristle brush. You make sure to use heat protectant first.


4. Test the heat of curling iron

After drying your hair, you should start using curling irons or wands. First find the right heat setting for your hair. It is best to test the lowest heating setting.


5. Split the hair

After the hair curler is heated, the hair is divided into two or three layers and stacked horizontally according to the thickness of the hair.


6. Curly hair

Now it's time to choose your hair curling tools.


7. Eliminate your frizz

After finishing the curling of the entire hair, loosen the look for a more natural look.

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