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How to remove calluses on feet?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-10      Origin: Site

Feet is not only about physical health, but also about beauty. The feet bear the weight of the body every day. If you are disturbed by calluses, footpads, ingrown nails and other foot diseases, it will not only cause unbearable pain but also affect walking and even your health. So regular pedicure and good foot care are very important.


What are calluses?

Calluses are formed by the necrosis of skin epidermal cells caused by long-term friction of human skin, and they mainly appear on the palms and soles of the feet.


What are the hazards of calluses?

If the calluses are not removed in time, bacteria can easily breed. Once the fungus enters the lower layer of the calluses, or the hand suffers from a certain disease, it is necessary to apply ointment. The presence of the calluses will prevent the efficacy of the medicine from killing the bacteria, but will play a role in protecting the bacteria, which will endanger human health. Some calluses on the hands are thick which will make people feel pain. If there are too many calluses on the hand, it is easy to cause the nerves of the hand to shrink. It means the reflex stimulation of the hand will not be so sensitive, which is very unfavorable to the human body, and it will also affect normal life.


How to remove calluses on feet?

To get rid of the calluses on your feet, you can find a professional pedicurist outside for a pedicure. But now many people prefer to solve it at home. So far, most of our pedicurists have used traditional nail sharpeners, and have not broken through the limitations of traditional nail clipper sharpeners, and there are many disadvantages.


Many people who admire home pedicures are already using electric pedicure tools. The electric pedicure tool is a multifunctional manicure pedicure set. A foot file pedicure is generally equipped with three functional grinding heads, which can meet different pedicure needs and make pedicures more convenient.

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Features of electric pedicure tools

First of all, you don't need to soak your feet. You don't need to wash your feet and soak your feet before using the electrical foot callus remover, just dry your feet directly. But if your feet are dirty, hygiene is still necessary.


The electric callus remover is very powerful, derived from its various grinding heads, to meet your various needs. The 52-hole alloy cutting grinding head helps trim the thick dead skin and thinner stratum corneum on the heel. The 12-hole alloy cutting grinding head helps to trim the foot pads, calluses and thicker cuticles. 6-hole alloy cutting grinding head trims rough feet, which makes the foot smooth. And most of the foot callus removers are set with two gears, fast and slow, which really meets the different needs of people. For middle-aged and elderly people with poor eyesight, some electric nail grinder are also equipped with LED lights, which is very convenient.



If you have calluses, try to pedicure regularly to prevent them from accumulating. But be careful not to tear the calluses with excessive force, and do not pull with your hands, so as not to damage the normal skin. When dealing with calluses on your feet, it is better to use a professional manicure set electric, such as an electric pedicure, to thin it out gradually instead of directly cutting it off with a knife, so as not to injure yourself.


Have you learned how to get rid of calluses now?

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