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Is it necessary to buy a facial cleansing brushes?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-06      Origin: Site

Facial cleansing device is very popular in the market, and more and more people are interested in it. So is it worth buying a facial cleanser?


Types of facial brushes and cleaning principles

Facial cleansing instruments on the market can be roughly divided into three categories according to the types of brush heads and cleaning principles: rotating nylon brush cleansing machines, vibrating nylon brush cleansing machines and non-brush head silicone cleansing machines.


Rotating nylon brush head cleansing instrument

Most of the early electric face cleanser belonged to this type. The brush head of the cleansing instrument mimics the process of washing the face by hand, but replaces the rubbing action of the hand on the face with an electric rotating motion of the brush head. Compared with a human hand, the brush head has a wider contact range with facial skin, a better rotation frequency, and a better cleaning ability.


electric face cleanser

This type of cleansing instrument mainly relies on the bristles to rub the skin to clean the dirt and oil in the hair follicle mouth. Although the brush head is already very soft, high-frequency rotation will still cause a certain degree of damage to the skin, and it is easy to cause excessive cleansing of the skin. The price of this type of cleansing device is relatively low.


Vibrating nylon brush head cleansing instrument

The brush head of this type of face cleanser machine does not rotate, but oscillates at a frequency of more than 300 times per second. The movement mode and frequency of the brush head is much gentler than that of the rotating brush head, and the damage to the skin is relatively small. In essence, the dirt is cleaned by physical friction between the brush and the facial skin, but the method is relatively gentle.

Non-brush type silicone facial cleansing instrument

The hairy brush head of this type of face wash brush is gone and replaced with soft silica gel particles. This design is very cute and easier to be liked by consumers. Its basic cleaning principle is to achieve the purpose of cleaning through the friction between silica gel particles and the face. And the silicone particles are softer and more skin-friendly.


face wash brush

Cleansing effect of facial cleanser

The conclusion that the facial cleanser has a better cleaning effect has also been confirmed by professional research institutions. There have been research institutions that have measured the cleaning effect of the skin cleansing brush in detail, and the cleaning efficiency is about 2-10 times that of human hands.


The working principle of the cleansing device is to achieve a cleansing effect through physical friction between the brush head and the facial skin. In the process of physical friction, aging keratinocytes will be removed. Therefore, the cleansing device has an excellent exfoliating effect. Moreover, many consumers report that their pores shrink after using a facial cleanser. The cleansing effect can remove the dirt in the pores, make the pores transparent and unblocked, there is no dirt in the pores, and the ability to reflect light is reduced. At this time, the pores will not look so obvious.


Modern people pay more and more attention to beauty and maintenance, so it is necessary to prepare a electric cleansing brush. The cleansing device does have a better effect on skin cleansing than by hand.

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